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National Quality Assurance & Control Inspector Certified for Commercial & Residential Projects



Professional inspections to insure you build to Standard, Code & Design:


   The most successful businesses have a commercial & residential property inspector on staff, to ensure that the building process and finished project are-built to proper building standards, codes and design. A general contractor who is building a facility or house, the successful commercial property inspector acts as project manager and inspection project manager. Duties of the commercial inspector include; inspecting construction, scheduling consultants, arranging for property access, reviewing documents, communicating with the client, assembling reports, authoring summaries and presenting findings.

   ANAB ’s has a Certified U.S. National Quality Assurance & Control Inspector on staff to ensure that clients who want a higher level of certainty about the property, the quality of the work, the compliance with National Building Codes and Standards or for projects where particular expertise is needed, and unexpected spikes in business require a professional certified inspector.

   Lou Over 30 years’ experience in the government, commercial and residential construction industry on projects which range from major new build (Vertical Construction) and retail refurbishment to large civil works road projects and complex interior fit-outs. Lou is highly qualified by virtue of experience, schooling and continued technical training. He is successful in management of construction personnel, business owners, contractors and government organizations to achieve the best possible result.